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About us

Our Open Letter

I’m a Connector. Knowing people - who they are, what they need - and knowing who can help them comes naturally to me. My greatest desire is to give others the space, permission, resources, and connections to support them on their journey…whatever that may be.

For many years, I wanted to own a coffee house. I loved the idea of serving coffee and creating a lovely space to do it. When I saw the For Lease sign at 1601 W. Koenig Lane I thought, “Hmm, this might be a neat space to create my vision.” Within a year, I was opening the door of my dream: a physical space to foster connection. I didn’t know how much bigger this dream would grow as the business grew. Brentwood Social House is a lovely space for a cup of coffee but I’ve come to realize it’s more than that. It’s a place of love to connect people with one another and themselves.

Consciously or unconsciously we all seek connection. We seek to connect – physically and spiritually. We can find that connection at home, at a spiritual house, with family, with friends, with strangers…or with family/friends/strangers at a coffee house.

At Brentwood Social House, we believe the world needs more places to experience connection and love.

We believe you can bring humanity and love to a business. We know that a space can radiate love from its walls.

We believe a community space can embody:

  • Connectedness with the community, each other and ourselves
  • Potential in every human being
  • Humanity, compassion, kindness, and understanding for all
  • Respect by treating others how we want to be treated
  • Equality by seeing ourselves in others
  • Equity by listening, hearing, learning, growing, supporting, and advocating for marginalized individuals or groups

By creating an environment where people feel welcome and comfortable to rise up and be their best, we will increase humanity’s vibration together.

Join us as we seek to nourish the body, create community, and connect souls,

With gratitude,
Suzanne Daniels